The Faculty

The Faculty of Computer Science (FACOM) of the Federal University of Uberlândia (UFU) was created in 2000, from the extinct Information Technology Department (DEINF), which had been working in the CETEC since 1988, with professors from the Electrical Engineering and Math departments. The academic activities of DEINF were closely linked to the development of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science (BCC), also created in 1988, which served as the initial landmark of the FACOM. In the early 2000s, the Postgraduate Program in Computing (PPGCO) was created, initially with the Academic Master's course. FACOM continued its expansion by creating, in 2009, the Bachelor's Degree in Information System (BSI) at Campus Santa Mônica, in Uberlândia. In 2010, BSI was also deployed on the Monte Carmelo Campus. In 2011, CAPES approved the PhD Course in Computer Science, in recognition of the outstanding scientific production of FACOM in several areas of computing.

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