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Published: 31/05/2017 - 11:07
Last modification: 19/10/2018 - 17:05

The Graduate Program in International Relations (PPGRI)

The Graduate Program in International Relations at the Federal University of Uberlândia (PPGRI-UFU) was authorized in 2014 and started its activities in 2015.

PPGRI´s primary area of study is International Politics, with the following research areas: i) Foreign Policy and International Institutions; ii) International Political Economy; and iii) International Security.

PPGRI´s faculty have been researching in the following subjects:

i)               Foreign Policy and International Institutions:

Brazilian foreign policy; foreign policy analysis; comparative foreign policy analysis; bilateral and multilateral international negotiations; the role of subnational actors in the making of foreign policy; international regimes; international governance; regional integration and cooperation; the dynamics of the international human rights regime; international criminal courts.

ii)              International Political Economy:

International economic interdependence; interstate economic competition and its impacts on trade, investments and capital flows; multilateral economic negotiations; the WTO; US hegemony; Economic development; Dependency theory

iii)             International Security

Strategic studies; Critical security studies; civil wars and conflict resolution; rising powers; peace studies and peace operations; security and defense policies; terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.

Researchers and Students at PPGRI-UFU can be found in at least three different Research Centers:  Center for Economic Development; Center for Studies and Research in International Relations; Center for Research and Studies in Human Rights. Moreover, several research groups have emerged within these three research centers.

 In addition to its Master's Program, PPGRI also offers a Special Student Program, which gives the opportunity for current graduate students from other programs to enroll in graduate-level courses.

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