Master's Degree

by Portal PPGCO Facom
Published: 06/03/2018 - 09:57
Last modification: 24/05/2023 - 14:26

The Master’s Course of the Post-graduation Program (PPGCO) in Computer Science was recommended by the Technical Advisory Board of CAPES on 2000, beginning its activities in March 2001. The program obtained a grading of 5 in CAPES 2017-2020 triennial evaluation.

Prospective MSc Students

If you are interested in pursuing an MSc Degree in Computer Science at UFU, you must have a bachelor´s or associate degree in any field of study. Prospective International Master’s Students may contact the office of the Graduate Program in Computer Science (E-mail: for further information on the admission process.

Program Requirements

Students enrolled in Master's Degree in Computer Science are expected to spend the equivalent of at least one year, and at most two years, in full-time study. 

The minimum program requirements are 44 credits, of which:

  • 25 credits in courses, being necessarily a course of the group of theory studies;
  • 1 credits in seminar course;
  • 18 credits in Master’s Thesis.

Minimum time frame requirement to complete the Master’s Degree: 12 months

Maximum time frame requirement to complete the Master’s Degree: 24 months

CAPES Ranking: 5